build your child's reading skills this summer?


Reading Catch-Up Academy


A step-by-step program teaching parents how to accelerate children's reading skills at home.

Learn the secrets used by reading specialists to help your child read at grade level and beyond!

Reading Catch-Up Academy was created for parents who...

👉Prefer to support their child's reading at home rather than hire a tutor.

👉Want a clear, straightforward system to build a child's reading skills at home.


👉Enjoys taking an active role in their child's literacy journey, but n guidance to overcome challenging reading obstacles.

If you've ever asked this question,

"How can I support my child's reading at home?"

...then, Reading Catch-Up Academy is the answer.

Reading Catch-Up Academy gives parents the tools to actively support children's reading development and partner confidently with educators.


Become your child's reading solution at home- all while spending quality time together as a family.

End arguments over reading and bring peace to your home by taking action to boost your child's reading.

Be empowered with the knowledge, resources, and tools to build reading skills at home.

By offering extra review of reading skills you can help your child get back on course, find success in reading, and ultimately change their future.

Turn Reading Frustration into FLUENCY

Although originally created for parents of struggling readers, RCA gives all parents the steps to help children become strong readers.

Gives parents the tools to take an active role in their child's reading development and partner confidently with educators.

Designed for parents to be successful without special training in teaching, including those who may have struggled with reading themselves.

Coordinates seamlessly with other reading programs, literacy interventions, or special education programs.

"Reading confidently transforms the entire academic experience, including how children view themselves and their place in the world. In effect, it changes everything."


Doesn't the school teach my child? Yes, BUT...

Every Child Is Unique

Some concepts come easily, some only after significant amounts of practice. But there is only so much time available during the school day.

Practice Boosts Reading

Parent involvement sky rockets children's reading growth. Especially for struggling readers, a repetition of key reading skills at home can make all the difference.

Make It Easy with a System

Although nearly all parents want to help, few have a clear idea of the steps to take and the type of practice their children need most.

what makes the

Reading Catch-Up Academy™ Different?

Customized by You

Uncover your child's specific gaps in reading, and create a practice plan that targets those gaps.

A Proven Roadmap

Avoid confusion caused by too many strategies and resources. A clear roadmap to simplify your choices and the actions that will move your child forward in reading.

More Results

Focus and structure effective reading practice so your child can make faster reading gains.

Save Time

Shorten your learning curve and save time by following the same step-by-step process I use to help my students catch up in reading. I break down my proven methods and teach you exactly what works.

Saves You Money

Learn the same proven system that I teach in one-on-one parent coaching, now offered to you at a significant discount.

Tools + Strategies

Discover the best free, online tools, links, and resources to support your child's reading. More important, learn which materials are right for your child and how to use them for maximum impact.

Instead of "Summer Reading Slide" - SPRINT Ahead!

Reading Catch-Up Academy empowers parents with the information and tools to accelerate children's reading skills. 

And remember, you're not alone—I'm there to support you along the way.



  • June 3-July 12, 2024

  • 6 weeks of trainings


  • Weekly Zoom Q&A sessions to get your questions answered


  • Private Facebook group during the 6-week course


  • Trainings held live on Zoom each week

  • Replays sent to you


  • Stay organized and focused with specific tasks for each week


  • Ongoing access to materials, even after the live course component

I'm ready to help my child get ahead in reading!

What can I expect?

Reading Catch-Up Academy is a 6-week program full of inspiration, clarity, support, and ACTION.

  • Grow with your children as you work together toward a common goal, at a pace that's right for you and your family.

  • Take action with practical, hands-on learning.

  • Learn simple ways to gamify reading practice to keep it fun and engaging.

  • Be part of a supportive community with other like-minded parents. You'll have a place to turn if you get stuck.

  • Make extra reading practice at home strategic, not just "extra."

  • The cost of inaction is great. The rewards of supporting your children's future are immeasurable.


Great Question 😉

I've seen first hand the pain and self-doubt a struggling reader feels when seemingly everyone else learns to read easily, but them. It's heartbreaking.

Parents want to take action, but don't have the time to undergo years of literacy training. They need to know the steps to take now.

With my years of experience, knowledge, and training in reading instruction and dyslexia, I began guiding parents to support their own child's reading journey by following my proven strategies using free and accessible online tools.

I developed this 6-week guided roadmap to show parents how to find the weak links in their children's reading skills, find resources, and implement an effective plan. No gatekeeping or upsells—just the information you need for your child's reading success.


A cost-effective alternative to reading tutoring.

One Payment of


Two Payments of


If you live in the US, t extended payment plan options available from third-party partners.

Gain the insights and resources necessary to increase your child's reading skills quickly and efficiently.

This program is simple and straightforward so you can keep focused on what matters...GETTING RESULTS

MEET Your Reading specialist

My name is Robin Carbajal, and after over 20 years of teaching children to become successful readers, I still believe it is the best job in the world.

If you desire to help your child become a lifelong, fluent reader and develop unwavering self-confidence, then I can help you make that happen.

Although this program is about empowering you with information and tools to support your child's reading growth, you won't be on your own.


Robin Carbajal, MEd, LDT, CALT

Licensed Dyslexia Therapist

Ready to Learn How to Support Your Child in Reading?








Focus on Supporting your child

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